Hitachi Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

 Set plate Hitachi HMGF68LA 3103750 Handok
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Code: 6418
Spare part for Hitachi: Set plate Hitachi HMGF68LA & HMGF57LA 3103750 3107859 Handok..
79.80 $
Ball guide Hitachi 263H7-17141 SKS
In Stock
Code: 11976
Spare part for Hitachi: Ball guide Hitachi 263H7-17141 3100739 SKS Use in: Hitachi ZW250, HIta..
89.90 $
Ball guide Hitachi HMGF68LA 4642740 Handok
In Stock
Code: 6415
Spare part for Hitachi: Ball guide Hitachi HMGF68LA 4642740 4461908 Handok..
70.30 $
Ball guide Hitachi HMT36FA 4397757 Handok
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Code: 6421
Spare part for Hitachi: Ball guide Hitachi HMT36FA 4397757 Handok..
44.40 $
Ball guide Kayaba MSF/HMGF Handok
In Stock
Code: 9188
Spare part for hydraulics Kayaba (KYB): BALL GUIDE Kayaba MSF/HMGF Handok Use in: HITACHI ZX450-..
78.80 $
Ball of center Pin Hitachi 4184779 Handok
In Stock
Code: 2819
Spare part for HITACHI: BALL OF CENTER PIN Hitachi 4184779..
4.00 $
Bearing 30312 NTN
In Stock
Code: 4876
Spare part: BEARING 30312 NTN..
75.00 $
Bearing group Hitachi HPV145 4366256
In Stock
Code: 3062
Spare part for Hitachi: Bearing group Hitachi HPV145 4366256 Use: HITACHI: EX270, EX300, EX300-2,..
590.00 $
Bolt of Valve plate Hitachi HPV145 4179179 Handok
In Stock
Code: 2717
Spare part for Hitachi: Bolt of valve plate Hitachi HPV145 4179179 Handok Video Use in: HITACHI: EX..
9.00 $
BRG. ;ROL. Hitachi 4410050
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Code: 5611
Spare part: BRG. ;ROL. Hitachi 4410050 30312..
434.37 $
Brg.;ball 4395453 NTN
In Stock
Code: 4508
Spare part: Brg.;ball 4395453 NTN Cross-Numbers: 4023596 L4395453 71449118 ..
41.00 $
Center Gear Hitachi 3089266 Spinparts SP-R9266
In Stock
Code: 11248
Spare part: Center gear Hitachi HPV145 ZX330 3089266 Spinparts SP-R9266..
165.90 $
Center gear single Hitachi HPV145GW 3104554 Handok
In Stock
Code: 10369
Spare part Hitachi: CENTER GEAR SINGLE Hitachi HPV145GW 3104554 Handok ..
211.20 $
Center pin Hitachi 3064069 Handok
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Code: 12893
Spare part for Hitachi: Center pin Hitachi 3064069 Handok Use in: Travel motor parts Fiat H..
47.40 $
Center Pin Hitachi 8035127 Handok
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Code: 2191
Spare part for Handok: Center Pin Hitachi 8035127 Handok..
41.00 $
Hitachi Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic pumps and motors for Hitachi excavators are designed specifically for companies engaged in civil and industrial construction, road construction, engineering network laying, mining, urban development projects, and more. Hitachi has the necessary equipment for various purposes, including tracked machines for mining, mobile wheeled excavators for earthmoving and construction work, and forklifts for cargo transportation and other tasks.

Despite the high quality of the parts and assembly, the hydraulic system is the most vulnerable part of Japanese machines. Hitachi hydraulic pumps and motors often fail due to improper maintenance, intensive and heavy use, incorrect lubrication, and the ingress of abrasive particles into the pipeline.

In case of a sudden breakdown of the hydraulic unit, the specialized online store "Aspect Plus" offers three ways to solve the problem:

  1. Buy the necessary Hitachi hydraulic pump on our website with courier delivery (only in Kyiv) and install the equipment yourself.
  2. Order original spare parts or their analogs, such as Handok (to avoid overpaying for the brand name), and replace worn-out parts yourself (shafts, hydraulic cylinders, cylinder blocks, bearings, etc.).
  3. Use the service of professional hydraulic system repair by experts at our service center in Kyiv.

Our online catalog offers motor spare parts for mini, medium, and large excavator series, loaders, on which hydraulic units are installed. We have everything necessary to perform quality repairs on Hitachi hydraulic pumps or travel motors of the HMGC, HMGF, HPKO, HPV, HPVO series (blocks, plungers, distribution discs, shafts, repair kits, springs, gaskets, bushings, washers, and much more). Our range is periodically expanded and constantly updated, so we recommend staying up to date with the news from the "Aspect Plus" store.

We ship orders within Ukraine via Nova Poshta and to any country in the world via DHL, Nova Poshta Global, or other carriers by prior agreement with the customer.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of spare parts or hydraulic system repair for Hitachi construction machinery, please contact our manager at the phone number provided on our website.

Used in: Hitachi ZX330, Hitachi ZX200, Hitachi ZX240, Hitachi ZX270, Hitachi ZX120, Hitachi ZX160, Hitachi ZX280, Hitachi ZX110, Hitachi ZX350, Hitachi ZX130, Hitachi ZX140W, Hitachi ZX500, Hitachi ZX145W, Hitachi ZX370, Hitachi ZX400, Hitachi ZX135, Hitachi ZX125