Hydraulic Motors, Pumps and Parts

 Ball guide O50 Uchida AP2D Handok
In Stock
Code: 9285
Spare part for hydraulics Uchida AP2D series: BALL GUIDE O50 Uchida AP2D Handok Use in: CAT 30..
39.50 $
 Friction plate Kayaba MAG 177,7 SKS
In Stock
Code: 11437
Spare part for Kayaba hydraulics (KYB):  Friction plate Kayaba MAG 177,7 SKS..
26.30 $
 Piston shoe Toshiba SG20 VOE14512780 Handok
In Stock
Code: 5800
Spare part for Toshiba hydraulics: Piston shoe Toshiba SG20 VOE14512780 Handok..
52.10 $
 Roller Bearing Uchida AP2D 12178 SKS
In Stock
Code: 12178
Spare part for hydraulics Uchida AP2D series:  Roller Bearing Uchida AP2D 12178 SKS..
18.30 $
 Seal YBS AP2085A
In Stock
Code: 5008
SEAL YBS AP2085A 03505511..
10.90 $
 Set plate Hitachi HMGF68LA 3103750 Handok
In Stock
Code: 6418
Spare part for Hitachi: Set plate Hitachi HMGF68LA & HMGF57LA 3103750 3107859 Handok..
79.80 $
 Shoe plate Sauer-danfoss 003699 SKS
In Stock
Code: 12211
Spare part for Sauer-Danfoss hydraulics: Shoe plate Sauer-danfoss 003699 9220626 SKS..
35.20 $
 Shoe plate Sauer-danfoss PV22 Handok
In Stock
Code: 10454
Spare part for Sauer-Danfoss hydraulics:  SHOE PLATE Sauer-Danfoss PV22 Handok ..
33.50 $
 Sliding bearing 0009204004 Handok
In Stock
Code: 5088
Spare part for Linde hydraulics: Sliding bearing 0009204004 Handok..
137.80 $
 Small bearing Rexroth A2F d50 SKS
In Stock
Code: 13147
Spare part for hydraulics:  Small bearing Rexroth A2F d50 SKS..
39.30 $
 Swash plate Uchida AP2D Handok
In Stock
Code: 9299
Spare part for hydraulics Uchida AP2D series: SWASH PLATE Uchida AP2D Handok Use in: CAT 307, ..
291.20 $
1nd Reduction Assembly JCB 332/D1962 Spinparts SP-R1962
In Stock
Code: 11243
Spare part: 1nd Reduction Assembly JCB 332/D1962 Spinparts SP-R1962..
693.40 $
1st Reduction Assembly JCB 05/903825 Spinparts SP-R3825
In Stock
Code: 5460
1st Reduction Assembly JCB 05/903825 Spinparts SP-R3825 Cross-Numbers: JCB 05/903825 Use in: J..
430.67 $
2nd Reduction Assembly JCB 05/903823 Spinparts SP-R3823
In Stock
Code: 6359
2nd Reduction Assembly JCB JS110 JS115 JS130 JS160 JS180 JS190 05/903823 550/43210 Spinparts SP-R382..
140.00 $
2nd Reduction Assembly JCB 05/903836 Spinparts SP-R3836
In Stock
Code: 5462
2nd Reduction Assembly  JCB JS110-180 ZJ140 Spinparts SP-R3836 (JCB 05/903836)  Cr..
622.11 $
Hydraulic Motors, Pumps and Parts

Spare parts for hydraulic pumps and motors

To maintain a fleet of hydraulic road construction equipment, you need to maintain the hydraulic system in a timely manner and periodically purchase spare parts for hydraulic pumps/hydraulic motors. Both units are similar in appearance, but their principle of operation is fundamentally different. A hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, and a hydraulic motor, on the contrary, converts the kinetic energy of the hydraulic flow into mechanical energy, for example, to operate the actuators of machinery (bucket, hammer, crane, shovel, etc.).

Despite their long service life, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps require scheduled and routine maintenance over time. The service life of hydraulic equipment is reduced due to inadequate lubrication and the ingress of solid particles into the system. If uncharacteristic sounds and vibrations of hydraulic components are observed during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to diagnose the equipment, based on which to determine which spare parts are needed for repair.

The most common breakdowns of hydraulic motors

The main causes of hydraulic motor malfunctions and methods of their elimination:

     The drive mechanism is malfunctioning. The cause of the breakdown may be wear or failure of the elements of the distribution unit, piston group, seals, shafts. During the repair work, the hydraulic motor is disassembled into components to measure the amount of wear, seals and piston group components are replaced.
    The shaft does not rotate or does not rotate evenly. The breakdown can occur due to "air" in the hydraulic system, mismatch of inlet pressure parameters, poor connection of the shaft and the actuator of the special equipment. The problem is solved by bleeding the air from the system, adjusting the pressure parameters in the hydraulic valve, eliminating shaft runout and jamming.
    Overheating of the hydraulic motor. The probable cause may be improper operation or failure of cooling, the use of hydraulic fluid with a lower viscosity index, destruction or mechanical wear of component parts. The problem can be solved by restoring the cooling system to full operation, replacing the fluid, wearing components, or installing a new engine.
    Oil leakage. Lubricant leaks are observed due to loosening (insufficient tightening) of fasteners, wear of the cuff or shaft journal, and housing defects. To eliminate the leakage, we replace seals and seals, tighten fasteners, and restore metal surfaces.
The most common breakdowns of hydraulic pumps

The main causes of hydraulic pump breakdowns and how to fix them:

    Unstable operation of the unit. It can be caused by wear of the seat or cradle, pistons, increased thrust gap of the control unit, contamination of the channel connecting the spool and the pump piston. It is necessary to disassemble the pump and determine the causes of its poor performance.
    Reduced performance of the unit. Possible causes may include: wear of cylinders, drive shaft splines, bearings, piston bores, wear or damage to piston shoes. The worn part is rejected and then replaced.
    Vibrations at low pressure. They can occur if the compensator pressure is incorrectly adjusted, the spool is broken, or the compensator circuit is malfunctioning. The issue is resolved by replacing worn parts and adjusting the hydraulic circuit.
    Pump overheating. The possible cause of overheating of the unit may be a worn piston support, cylinder block, oil leakage through the safety valve. The problem is eliminated by replacing worn parts.
    A characteristic noise. The breakdown may occur when the rotor group parts (bearings, pistons, cradle, cylinder block) are worn out, when a high viscosity index lubricant is filled, or when the shaft is not rotating properly. The problem is solved by replacing worn parts, replacing the hydraulic fluid with a less viscous one, and adjusting the shaft rotation.

After diagnosing and determining the list of replacement parts, you have 2 ways:

    Buy spare parts in our store and repair the hydraulic pump/hydraulic motor yourself.
    Use the repair service with full restoration of the unit to factory parameters by our hydraulic specialists.

The largest catalog of spare parts for hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps in Ukraine

The Aspect Plus online store offers spare parts and components for construction, quarrying and road equipment of the following brands: JCB, HITACHI, CASE, Kobelco, CATERPILLAR, Komatsu, Doosan, Hyundai, Volvo, Hidromek, Liebherr and many others.

Our catalog contains spare parts for the most worn hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps.

    From companies that manufacture hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps (KAYABA, Hitachi, Doosan, Caterpillar, LINDE, Toshiba, Bosch Rexroth, Kawasaki, JEIL, Komatsu, Nabtesco, Sauer-Danfoss, Uchida, Poclain, Nachi, Eaton Vickers).
    From companies that manufacture licensed spare parts: Handok Hydraulic (South Korea), SKS (China), Spinparts (China).

You can quickly buy spare parts for hydraulics from us at dealer prices, because Aspect Plus maintains constant stocks and offers favorable terms of cooperation. We send spare parts in Ukraine and abroad, accept various types of payment, repair hydraulic units and advise on technical issues.

Used in: Hitachi ZX330, Hitachi ZX200, Hitachi ZX240, JCB JS160, JCB JS130, Hitachi ZX270, Hitachi ZX120, Hitachi ZX160, Hitachi ZX280, Hitachi ZX110, Hitachi ZX350, Hitachi ZX450, JCB JS220, Hitachi ZX130, Hitachi ZX140W, Hitachi ZX500, Hitachi ZX145W, Hitachi ZX370, Hitachi ZX400, Hitachi ZX135, JCB JS330, JCB JS180, JCB JS145, JCB JS115, Hitachi ZX125, Komatsu PC120, Caterpillar 330D