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Adjusting Screw Isuzu 8941522831
In Stock
Model: 6514
Sku: 8941522831
Brand: ISUZU
Screw ; adj , rocker Isuzu 4JG1 4JG2 4JB1 4JA1 4JC1 C240 2A- 3A- 8941522831 Cross-Numbers: ..
9.90 $
Air Breather Isuzu 1117401811
In Stock
Model: 2049
Sku: 1117401811
Brand: ISUZU
Breather; air Isuzu 4HK1 6HK1 6UZ1 6WG1 1117401811 1117401810 02/802169 Cross-Numbers: 1117401811..
83.00 $
Air Filter ISUZU BVP 1876101132
In Stock
Model: 5416
Sku: 1876101132
Brand: ISUZU
Filter, air Isuzu BVP 1876101132  Cross-Numbers 1876101131 8980714210 RS3538 4286128 DA3513A..
56.70 $
Air Filter ISUZU BVP 1876101141
In Stock
Model: 5417
Sku: 1876101141
Brand: ISUZU
Filter, air Isuzu BVP 1876101141 Cross-Numbers 1876101140 8980714220 A5591 A559/1 RS3535 4286130 ..
30.20 $
Alternator Isuzu 1876182780
In Stock
Model: 13424
Sku: 1876182780
Spare part for Isuzu Generator asm 24V 50A Isuzu SP 1876182780 Cross-Numbers: 8980921161, 89..
437.30 $
Alternator Isuzu 1876182790
In Stock
Model: 13425
Sku: 1876182790
Spare part for Isuzu Generator asm 24V 30A Isuzu SP 1876182790 Cross-Numbers: 8971822892, 89..
265.30 $
Alternator Isuzu 1876182830
In Stock
Model: 13430
Sku: 1876182830
Spare part for Isuzu Generator asm 24V 50A Isuzu SP 1876182830 Cross-Numbers: 1812005303, 1812005..
410.90 $
Alternator Isuzu 1876182840
In Stock
Model: 13431
Sku: 1876182840
Spare part for Isuzu Generator asm 24V 50A Isuzu SP 1876182840 Cross-Numbers: 1812006032 18120060..
423.60 $
Alternator Isuzu 1876182850
In Stock
Model: 13426
Sku: 1876182850
Spare part for Isuzu Generator asm 24V 25A Isuzu SP 1876182850 Cross-Numbers: 1812003651, 1812003..
299.40 $
Belt cooling fan Isuzu 1136713210
In Stock
Model: 6525
Sku: 1136713210
Brand: ISUZU
Belt ; cooling fan Isuzu 4BG1 6SD1 1136713210 Use in: AICHI SR182 AICHI RZ150 AICHI SR210 DENYO DCA..
70.70 $
Belt cooling fan Isuzu 1136714430
In Stock
Model: 1576
Sku: 1136714430
Brand: ISUZU
Belt; cooling fan 2 pcs L=1256 Isuzu 4BG1 6HK1 6BG1 6BD1 6BB1 1136714430 Cross-Numbers: 1136714430 ..
57.80 $
Belt cooling fan Isuzu 1136715160
In Stock
Model: 770
Sku: 1136715160
Brand: ISUZU
Belt; cooling fan Isuzu 6HK1 1136715160 1136714350 1136714990 76615847 71457387 4404301 4632729 02/8..
91.40 $
Belt cooling fan Isuzu 1136715200
In Stock
Model: 2434
Sku: 1136715200
Brand: ISUZU
Belt; cooling fan L=1543 Isuzu 6WG1 1136715200 Cross-Numbers: 4678021 4658520 Use in: CASE CX70..
147.00 $
Belt cooling fan Isuzu 8973628150
In Stock
Model: 997
Sku: 8973628150
Brand: ISUZU
Belt; cooling fan L=1155 Isuzu 4HK1 8973628150 Cross-Numbers: 8973628150 8-97362-815-0 Hitachi..
30.70 $
Belt cooling fan Isuzu 8980388560
In Stock
Model: 1815
Sku: 8980388560
Brand: ISUZU
Belt; cooling fan L=996 Isuzu 4JJ1 8980388560 4668374 Video Cross-Numbers: 8980388560 8-98038-856-0..
34.70 $
Spare parts ► Isuzu ► Isuzu Spare parts for engines

Isuzu engine parts

The Japanese corporation Isuzu is a leading global manufacturer of diesel engines and original parts for them for various types of heavy machinery. In this regard, power diesel engines are installed not only on Isuzu's own road construction and quarry machinery, but also on excavators, loaders, bulldozers of other manufacturers: New Holland, Hitachi, Airman, and other brands.

Isuzu diesel engines are reliable and durable, as confirmed by many years of operation of installations around the world in a variety of climatic conditions. Japanese engines are easy to operate and maintain, economical and not fussy about fuel and lubricants. A distinctive feature of the engines is the Common Rail injection system, which ensures economical fuel consumption and compliance with eco-standards for CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

A necessary condition for the trouble-free operation of equipment equipped with Isuzu engines is the use of quality spare parts and components when performing maintenance and repair. Choosing the right spare parts can affect the performance and longevity of the Isuzu engine, as well as the overall efficiency of road, quarry, and municipal machinery.

How to choose the right parts for an Isuzu engine

To avoid mistakes when choosing parts and components for Isuzu engines, consider the following:

  • Compatibility of parts with the Isuzu engine model. Not all spare components are suitable for all diesel units, meet the specifications and requirements of the manufacturer. The wrong choice of parts leads to loss of performance, fuel overconsumption, or rapid wear of the equipment.
  • Quality of components. Choose original or licensed Isuzu engine parts that have a quality certificate and meet standards. They ensure a long service life, better performance, and engine protection from breakdowns.
  • Prices and warranties for spare parts. The cost of components depends on the manufacturer, market availability, and demand. It is essential that warranties cover Isuzu parts and other product ranges, providing replacement in case of defects or non-compliance with the stated characteristics of the manufacturer.
  • Recommendations from mechanics who diagnose, maintain, and repair Isuzu diesel engines. These professionals have firsthand experience with various components and can provide valuable guidance on selecting the most suitable parts for your engine

Isuzu diesel engines are produced in five series:

  1. Isuzu L-Series – vertical compact 4-cylinder engines with water cooling, power ranging from 39 to 43 kW, and a 2.2-liter capacity.
  2. Isuzu J-Series – diesel engines of a similar design with power ranging from 35 to 46 kW (turbocharged engines have higher power, ranging from 61 to 95 kW).
  3. Isuzu B-Series – 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines with water cooling, power ranging from 92 to 132 kW.
  4. Isuzu H-Series – the assortment consists of two engine modifications with power ranging from 147 to 210 kW.
  5. Isuzu K-Series - three-cylinder engines, represented by 3KS1, 3KS2, 3KR1, and 3KR2.
  6. Isuzu W-Series – the most powerful 6-cylinder diesel engines with power ranging from 270 to 397 kW and a working capacity of up to 15.7 liters.

Signs of malfunctioning parts

Typical signs of engine breakdowns when you need to change Isuzu parts:

  • Loss of power and acceleration. Likely causes: injectors have worn out, fuel system components are clogged, valves are incorrectly adjusted, turbocharger failure, incorrect ignition advance angle setting.
  • Increased fuel consumption. The problem may be in the disruption of the fuel system, clogging of filters, wear of injectors, or incorrect adjustment of diesel fuel dosing.
  • Black smoke from the exhaust pipe. The cause could be excessive fuel supply, insufficient air supply, malfunction of the catalyst or particulate filter.
  • White smoke. Possible reasons: antifreeze penetration into cylinders, damage to the cylinder head gasket, cracks in the head or cylinder block.
  • Blue smoke. Most often, this indicates oil getting into the cylinders, wear of piston rings, valve guides, and valve seals.
  • Increased noise and vibration levels. Likely causes of engine breakdown: wear of the crankshaft, connecting rod or main bearings, pistons and cylinders, camshaft or hydraulic compensators.
  • Overheating of the Isuzu engine. It can result from an insufficient level of coolant, radiator clogging, thermostat failure, pump or cooling system fan malfunction.

What types of parts for Isuzu engines do we have?

Aspect Plas company offers from its warehouse in Kyiv a range of original spare parts and components for the maintenance and repair of engines of the Japanese brand Isuzu. 

You can purchase the following spare engine components from us:

- Spare parts for the air system;

- Cylinder heads;

- Cylinder blocks, crankshafts, liner-piston group, bearings;

- Camshafts and valves;

- Housings, flywheels and timing gears;

- Cooling system components (water pumps, oil pumps, engine oil radiators);

- Injection system parts;

- Fuel system (fuel pipes, injectors, fuel rails, high and low-pressure fuel pumps);

- Electrical system (control units, sensors) and temperature sensors, pressure, coolant, camshaft and crankshaft position;

- Spare parts for the lubrication system;

- Repair kits for Isuzu engines (gaskets and gasket sets);

- Spare components for the turbocharging system;

- Filters (air, fuel, cabin, breather, fine and coarse oil filters);

- Other spare parts for Isuzu engines.


Advantages of using original Isuzu parts for engines

The "Aspect Plus" company offers a range of spare parts and components for Isuzu engines that are manufactured:

  • By the manufacturer of the equipment and engines Isuzu (original parts). The advantages of original spare parts and components include: extended engine life, fuel savings, increased reliability and performance, warranty protection, and support.
  • Enterprises that produce spare parts and components for conveyor assembly under another trademark, so-called OEM brands (IZUMI, MAHLE, etc.). By purchasing OEM parts, you save money without losing quality.
  • Companies that manufacture Isuzu spare parts and a range of consumables under the license of the Japanese corporation. Licensed Isuzu spare parts are an excellent solution when your budget is very limited, but you urgently need to get the engine running.

Consultation from our managers

Our managers provide comprehensive consultations to save your time. We have electronic catalogs of spare parts for Isuzu engines, which allows us to quickly and accurately select the necessary spare parts for your equipment. 

If necessary, a consultant from our company will provide information on the technical parameters of the Isuzu engine for users and service center masters:

- Torque settings for bolts and other connections,

- Geometric dimensions,

- Adjustment parameters such as thermal clearances and fuel equipment installation angles,

- Electrical diagrams and engine control parts.


Why should you buy spare parts for special equipment from us?

Purchasing spare parts and consumables for Isuzu engines from us is convenient and very beneficial:

- Up-to-date information on the website (availability, price);

- Large warehouse assortment and wide nomenclature;

- Various payment and delivery options (international delivery available);

- You can pick up spare parts from the warehouse in Kyiv on the day of order;

- Prices for most products are lower than competitors',

- Internal bonus system on spare parts for regular customers;

- Holding offline events for our main partners and customers;

- High-quality service and experienced managers;

- Respectful attitude towards each customer.

Need help choosing Isuzu parts? Consult with our specialist at a convenient time.

Used in: Hitachi ZX330, JCB JS220, JCB JS330, Hitachi ZX200, Hitachi ZX240, JCB JS160, JCB JS200, JCB JS130, Hitachi ZX270, Hitachi ZX120, JCB JS260, JCB JS240, Hitachi ZX160, Hitachi ZX280, Hitachi ZX350, Hitachi ZX170, Hitachi ZX370, Hitachi ZX190, Hitachi ZW220, Hitachi ZW250