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Cylinder block and Valve plate Left Kawasaki XJBN-01047
In Stock
Model: 2697
Sku: 0978701L
Spare part for Kawasaki hydraulics: Cylinder block L Kawasaki 0978701 XJBN-01047 XJBN-00435 20/95062..
248.20 $
Element Filter bypass Plexus JCB 32/925164 Aftermarket
In Stock
Model: 7296
Sku: 32/925164
Hydraulic Filter 32/925164 is part of the hydraulic lubrication system and is designed to clean hydr..
50.20 $
EPR Valve Kawasaki 20/950631
In Stock
Model: 9149
Sku: 20/950631
Spare part: EPR Valve Kawasaki K3V112DT 20/950631 Handok Cross-Numbers: XJBN-00014, 20/950631, XJBN..
289.20 $
Fuel Filter 4206080 Aftermarket
In Stock
Model: 7309
Sku: 4206080
Fuel filter 4206080 protects the engine from dirt and rust from the fuel. Typically contains a ..
14.30 $
Kit-repair JCB 6900/0127 Aftermarket
In Stock
Model: 10122
Sku: 6900/0127-AM
JCB spare part: Kit-repair JCB JS130W~JS200W 6900/0127 69000127 Aftermarket..
179.60 $
Seal kit JCB 903/20910  Aftermarket
In Stock
Model: 3656
Sku: 903/20910-AM
SEAL KIT JCB 903/20910 Aftermarket Repair kit 903/20910 (90320910) is use in JCB equipment: Crawler..
84.00 $
Seal kit Kawasaki K3V63 XJBN-01106 YBS Korea
In Stock
Model: 2705
Sku: XJBN-01106-YBS
Brand: YBS
Kawasaki Spare Part: SEAL KIT Kawasaki K3V63 XJBN-01106 YBS Korea Use in: DAEWOO-DOOSAN: DX140LC..
81.90 $
Cooler oil JCB 332/C0970 Spinparts SP-RAD0970
Call manager
Model: 9301
Sku: SP-RAD0970
Cooler oil JCB 332/C0970 SPINPARTS SP-RAD0970 Use in: JCB: JS115 JS130 JS145 JS145W JS160 JS160W J..
1 045.80 $
Radiator assembly JCB 30/925816 Aftermarket
Call manager
Model: 10200
Sku: 30/925816
Radiator assembly JCB 30/925816 30/921800 Aftermarket Use in: JCB: JS130 JS130W JS145W JS160 JS1..
1 421.70 $
Gear; idler Isuzu 8941339373
Call manager
Model: 8543
Sku: 8941339373
Brand: ISUZU
Gear; idler Isuzu 8941339373 4BD1 4BG1 6BD1 6BG1 Use in: AICHI SR182 AICHI RZ150 AICHI SR210 A..
0.00 $
Seal kit JCB LQU0165 Aftermarket
Call manager
Model: 11664
Sku: LQU0165-AM
Seal kit JCB JS160W LQU0165 Aftermarket..
0.00 $
Seal kit JCB LQU0166 Aftermarket
Call manager
Model: 11663
Sku: LQU0166-AM
Seal kit JCB JS160W LQU0166 Aftermarket..
0.00 $
Shaft; idle Gear Isuzu 9125310300
Call manager
Model: 8544
Sku: 9125310300
Brand: ISUZU
Shaft; idle Gear Isuzu 4BD1 4BG1 6BD1 6BG1 9125310300 Cross-Numbers: 8971012810 8982190880 Use in: ..
0.00 $

Мощность двигателя - 130 л.с.
Макс. глубина копания - 6,45/6,1 м
Макс.емкость ковша - 0,99 м3
Масса - 18 218 кг 

Used in: JCB JS220, JCB JS330, Hitachi ZX200, Hitachi ZX240, JCB JS160, JCB JS200, JCB JS130, Hitachi ZX270, Hitachi ZX120, JCB JS260, JCB JS240, Hitachi ZX280, Hitachi ZX160