Air Filter (Inner,Outer) C20500A-C20500B Aftermarket
In Stock
Code: 7285
Air filter C20500A-C20500B is designed to clean the air from dust entering the engine, sand and any ..
42.10 $
Centering Ring JCB 20/951601 Spinparts SP-R1601
In Stock
Code: 6363
Centering Ring JCB JS240 JZ255 JS260 20/951601 SPINPARTS SP-R1601..
37.50 $
Circlip JCB 05/903807 Spinparts SP-R3807
In Stock
Code: 6331
CIRCLIP JCB JS200 JS220 JS240 JS260 05/903807 20/951595 SPINPARTS SP-R3807..
6.13 $
Coupling of drive Shaft JCB 05/903854 Spinparts SP-R3854
In Stock
Code: 11237
Spare part: Coupling of Drive shaft JCB 05/903854 Spinparts SP-R3854..
55.00 $
Cylinder block L Kawasaki K3V XJBN-00066 Handok
In Stock
Code: 1664
Spare part for Kawasaki hydraulics: Cylinder block L Kawasaki K3V XJBN-00066 Handok Cross-Numbers: X..
295.20 $
Engine is restored Isuzu 4HK1
In Stock
Code: 6627
Engine is restored Isuzu 4HK1 AI-4HK1XYSJ-02 for JCB JS200-260 Ask managers for details. ..
12 500.00 $
EPR Valve Kawasaki K3V112DT 20/950631 Handok
In Stock
Code: 9149
Spare part: EPR Valve Kawasaki K3V112DT 20/950631 Handok Cross-Numbers: XJBN-00014, 20/950631, XJBN-..
275.40 $
Fuel Filter 4206080 Aftermarket
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Code: 7309
Fuel filter 4206080 protects the engine from dirt and rust from the fuel. Typically contains a ..
13.60 $
Fuel Filter 4676385 Aftermarket
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Code: 4796
Fuel filter 4676385 protects the engine from dirt and rust from the fuel. Typically contains a filte..
13.40 $
Fuel Filter JCB 32/925869 Aftermarket
In Stock
Code: 7288
Fuel filter 32/925869 protects the engine from dirt and rust from the fuel. Typically contains a fil..
21.40 $
Gear ring JCB 332/H3926 Spinparts SP-R3926
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Code: 5471
Gear ring 332/H3926 Spinparts SP-R3926 Cross-Numbers: JCB 332/H3926 Use in: JCB JS190 JCB JS220 JCB..
353.00 $
Gear sun JCB 05/903804 Spinparts SP-R3804
In Stock
Code: 5464
Gear sun JS200 JS210 JS220 JS240 JS260 (JCB 05/903804) Spinparts SP-R3804..
150.00 $
Hydraulic Filter KRJ3836 Aftermarket
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Code: 7289
Hydraulic Filter KRJ3836 is part of the hydraulic lubrication system and is designed to clean hydrau..
50.30 $
Main control Valve Relief JCB 25/221792 Aftermarket
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Code: 3909
Main control valve Relief Valve JCB JS200/220/235/240/260 25/221792 Aftermarket ..
130.00 $
O-ring JCB 05/903840 Spinparts SP-R3840
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Code: 6365
O-ring JCB JS260 JS240 JS360 JS500 05/903840 20/951542 SPINPARTS SP-R3840..
22.50 $

Гусеничные экскаваторы модели JS240 оснащены высокоэффективными двигателями Isuzu 4НК, которые имеют мощность 128 кВт. Эти двигатели соответствуют стандартам Stage 3b и Tier4i.

Мощность двигателя - 197 л.с.
Макс. глубина копания - 7,23 м
Макс. емкость ковша - 1,46 м3

Used in: Hitachi ZX330, Hitachi ZX200, Hitachi ZX240, JCB JS160, JCB JS130, Hitachi ZX270, Hitachi ZX280, JCB JS240, JCB JS260