Cabin AIR Filter 30/926020

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Vendor code: 30/926020
Cross-Numbers 30926020, 60058, SC60058.
Manufacturer: AFTERMARKET
14.00 $
Cab filter 30/926020 is designed to clean the air from road dust, soot from exhaust gases, sand and any other small particles.
The cabin filter (cabin filter) performs an important function and therefore it is necessary to replace them promptly in accordance with the regulations. For difficult working conditions, it is necessary to change the filter more often. The cabin filter 14689735 is characterized by a high degree of filtration, reliability and an affordable price.

Cabin filter 30/926020 is used in popular vehicle models:

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Cab filter 30/926020 is an alternative for the following filters: 30926020 60058 SC60058.