FILTER OIL (Bypass) 32/919502

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Vendor code: 32/919502
Cross-Numbers B7577, 3304232, 9Y4468, 4204048, 4283860.
Manufacturer: AFTERMARKET
21.30 $
Oil filter bypass 32/919502 is part of the engine lubrication system and is designed to clean engine oil from sediment and solid particles that accumulate in the sump.
Oil filters perform an important function and therefore it is necessary to replace them in a timely manner in accordance with the regulations. The oil filter 32/919502 is characterized by a high degree of filtration, reliability and an affordable price.

Oil filter 32/919502 is used in popular models of technology:

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Oil filter 32/919502 is an alternative for the following filters: B7577 3304232 9Y4468 4204048 4283860 1408923