Hydraulic oil Eurostandart HYDRO-SEMY HLP 46 209L

Vendor code: SEMY-HLP-46-209L
Manufacturer: EUROSTANDART
690.00 $
Hydraulic oil Eurostandart HYDRO-SEMY HLP 46 209L

ISO VG 46, DIN 51524 PART 2, HLP, ISO6743, DENISON HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, CINCINNATI MACHINE P-68 (ISO32), P70 (ISO46), P-69 (ISO68), EATON VICKERS M -2950S, I-286S, J-286-S, (ISO11158HM, AFNOR NF-E48-603, NFE 48690 (DRY) AND NFE 48691 (WET), ASTM6158-05, SS155434AM, GB111181-94, BOSH REXROTH REF 17421- 001, RD220-1/04.03, US STEEL 136, 127, SAUER DANFOSS

EUROSTANDART HYDRO HLP SEMY 46 - belongs to the class of hydraulic oils and is used for hydraulic transmission mechanisms. Produced on the basis of semi-synthetic high-tech base oils of the highest purity with the addition of unique packages of specialized additives that improve their properties: antioxidant, depressant, antifoam and antiwear. Semi-synthetic hydraulic oil has advantages over mineral oil in that it can withstand better loads, withstand extreme loads, extended operating hours, has a high flash point, better filtration in the system, stable base for deformation even at high operating temperatures.