YBS is a leading Korean manufacturer of rubber products for special equipment. The company produces repair kits for hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, joysticks and various seals. HANDOK HYDRAULIC uses YBS repair kits to assemble its pumps.
Our range has been supplemented by quality YBS products:
- epiploons of hydraulic pumps and motors;
- repair kits for pumps and motors Kawasaki, Hitachi, Toshiba, Rexroth, Komatsu, Caterpillar.
- repair kits for Hitachi hydraulic cylinders
- anthers to popular special equipment.

 Seal YBS AP2085A
In Stock
SEAL YBS AP2085A 03505511..
10.90 $
Gasrk Seal kit Kawasaki K5V200DPH JS330 20/950880
In Stock
Kawasaki Spare Part: GASRK SEAL KIT Kawasaki K5V200DPH JS330 20/950880 YBS KOREA Cross-Numbers..
163.00 $
Pin dust KHV0098 YBS Korea
In Stock
Pin dust KHV0098 DS5501003 PMS037-219 YBS Korea..
5.40 $
Pin dust KHV0101 YBS Korea
In Stock
JCB Spare Part: Pin dust KHV0101 DS5502024 4067902 0400902 205-70-62140 2057062140 PMS006-194 YBS Ko..
5.60 $
Pin dust KHV0105 YBS Korea
In Stock
Pin dust KHV0105 4074008 DS5502014 VOE14560209 14560209 4074008 PMS049-80 YBS Korea..
6.40 $
Pin dust KHV0103 YBS Korea
In Stock
Pin dust KHV0103 S700-090206 4067901 0400902 PMS006-191 YBS Korea..
6.10 $
Seal 4333170 YBS Korea
In Stock
SEAL YBS 4333170 4179833 AW3055 71402253 05507812..
21.80 $
Seal Kawasaki K3V140/K3V180/K5V140/K5V160/K5V200 YBS
In Stock
SEAL YBS Kawasaki K3V140/K3V180/K5V140/K5V160/K5V200 DT/DTP/DTH/DP/DPH KOREA..
22.90 $
Seal kit Caterpillar SBS120 YBS
In Stock
Spare Part Caterpillar: SEAL KIT Caterpillar (CAT) SBS120 YBS Use: CAT: 320C; 320D; 320DL; 321..
79.80 $
Seal kit Caterpillar SBS140 YBS Korea
In Stock
Spare Part Caterpillar: SEAL KIT Caterpillar (CAT) SBS140 YBS Use: CAT: 311C; 311D LRR; 312C; ..
79.80 $
Seal kit Caterpillar SBS80 YBS Korea
In Stock
Caterpillar spare part: SEAL KIT Caterpillar SBS80 YBS Use: CAT: 311C; 311D LRR; 312C; 312C L; 312D..
67.20 $
Seal kit Hitachi 4448400 YBS Korea
In Stock
SEAL KIT Hitachi 4448400 YBS KOREA Cross-Numbers: 4448400, 1102306, 4654423, 4S00722, YA00001392. ..
92.60 $
Seal kit Hitachi 4451036 YBS Korea
In Stock
SEAL KIT Hitachi HPV102 HPV118 4451036 4451039 8058352 YBS KOREA..
130.00 $
Seal kit Hitachi 4451036-4451039 YBS Korea
In Stock
Hitachi Spare Part: Seal kit Hitachi HPVO118/HPV118/HPV102 4451036-4451039 YBS KOREA Use: HITACH..
118.60 $
Seal kit Hitachi 4649049 YBS Korea
In Stock
SEAL KIT Hitachi 4649049 YBS KOREA Cross-Numbers: 4649049, 4S00783, YA00006596. Use: Hitachi:..
100.00 $